Monday, June 20, 2011

Korean Food at Sweet Tree

Last Saturday, my friend and I had a lunch at Sweet Tree, Ampang. The restaurant serve Korean cuisine, if you wonder where to find Halal Korean Food, you can find it here at SWEET TREE . Other than that, they also serve Malay and Western Food.. 

I like the environment. The decoration is awesome. Unfortunately, I didn't brought my camera so I've just took the picture using my handphone =D.

The Menu Book. At first, I didn't know what to order..Hahahha..

This stair leads to 1st floor area

I like this decoration!!!!

What I ordered. Dol Sot BimBin Bap...Emm, if I'm not mistaken la..

Kimchi. Taste like sayur jeruk

Next time, if I go to this place..I shall bring my camera..For sure..=D


  1. sedap tak makann dia sbb prnh tgk kt jln2 cari mkn

  2. Nice..something new yg bo di cuba....('',)